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💸Maximize Savings: Cut Costs by Up to 25% with Nano, the Ultimate People Counter

Updated: Apr 7

Nano V-count Sensor

Maximize Savings

Businesses must consider their expenses when evaluating their revenues. This is where people counting sensors, such as Nano, become essential. When paired with a robust analytics tool like BoostBI, these sensors can increase your revenue and decrease your expenses. But how does this work? Let's find out!

Install Nano sensors in 5 minutes

Decrease Costs

Nano is not just a sensor for boosting your revenues. This next level robust people counting sensor can cut installation costs by up to 60% due to its Plug & Play feature, thus also reducing your expenses. So, in what other ways can you cut costs?

Optimized Staffing Levels

Through precise monitoring of foot traffic trends, companies can tailor their staff numbers to meet demand. This avoids having too many staff when it's quiet and too few when it's busy, resulting in better use of labor and savings on costs.

Inventory Management

Analyzing foot traffic data aids businesses in predicting product demand and adjusting stock levels, reducing costs of excess inventory and risk of stockouts, leading to efficient inventory management and a healthier bottom line.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Real-Time Occupancy solution can enable businesses to spot those zones in the store with lower foot traffic. Through moderating the lighting or tweaking the heating and cooling systems in such areas, businesses have the opportunity to cut down on energy usage and reduce utility expenses.

Enhanced Marketing ROI

Nano provide businesses with the ability to accurately gauge the success of marketing efforts by analyzing foot traffic data. These insights can pinpoint strategies that yield a high return on investment, facilitating efficient budget allocation and reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Handy Mobile App

Nano comes bundled with the BoostBI mobile app and dashboard, offering automated sensor data reports in 19 languages. Its customizable interface provides convenient access to data, aiding strategic decision-making.

Utilizing this data can improve conversion rates, lower costs and energy use, and boost employee & customer satisfaction with features like staff scheduling. Additionally, if you have another sensor, you can use it in conjunction with Nano. The data from this sensor can be viewed through BoostBI, thanks to our API.

Boostbi Dashboard and Mobile Application

Suitable for Every Industry

Whether you operate a retail store or a shopping mall, Nano offers data solutions to various industries, from people counting to queue management, facilitating strategic decision-making. In fact, many of our clients have already adopted Nano to enhance their business efficiency with advanced people counting techniques. So, what benefits does Nano offer across different sectors?

  • Retail: Boost conversion rates and sales by streamlining store operations, personalizing marketing, managing queues, and leveraging data-driven insights.

  • Shopping Malls: Improve staff management, set ideal rental rates, schedule effective cleaning, and boost energy efficiency.

  • Events & Exhibitions & Trade Shows: Improve visitor satisfaction with optimized staffing and efficient queue management. Adjust systems for energy efficiency based on occupancy.

  • Libraries and Museums: Maximize government funding for your library or museum, obtain data to optimize staffing, reduce energy use based on occupancy.

  • Restaurants & Bars: Optimize staffing, improve customer service, manage crowd density and enhance inventory management.

  • Smart Offices: Assess real-time occupancy density in separate rooms or floors, optimize your staff, analyze usage density in large work areas with heatmap and zone analytics, and conserve energy by optimizing HVAC systems.



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