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Business Intelligence Platform

Visitor Analytics to Boost The Efficiency of Your Physical Locations

Easily access and view your traffic data metrics with customizable reports and get a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ behavior from entry to exit.

Business Intelligence

19 Languages



Available in English, Spanish, French, Danish, Norwegian, Chinese, Persian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Russian, Portuguese, Serbian, Japanese, Arabic, Swedish, Italian, Thai, Polish.

Customized dashboards to gain insights into the most relevant metrics for your business and industry.

Optimum cloud security and data backup.

User Friendly

Real Time Alerts

Device Agnostic

Fast to install and easy to use. Compatible across all your systems and devices.

Instant alerts and notifications to take quick action.

Compatible across all your devices and systems.

Automated Reports

User Levels

Create customized and easy to use automated reports for each employee according to their role and level.

Customized dashboards for different roles from the executive to the store level.

Simplify your decision making with accurate data insights

Data Insights

Customized KPIs

Choose from over 200+ KPIs to get a complete overview of all your business performance with metrics such as draw-in rate, in and out traffic, transactions, conversion rate, average transaction value (ATV), sales, and more.

Location Analysis

Measure the performance of different locations with insights into performance analysis, hourly visitor statistics, group analysis, real-time occupancy, and wifi analytics.

Store Optimizer

Optimize your location performance by scheduling the right amount of staff to ensure customer satisfaction and prevent lost sales.

Marketing Campaign Analysis

Measure the effectiveness of your online and offline marketing campaigns to see how much traffic your campaign drove to your store.


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