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Eco-Friendly People Counting
with Extreme Durability

Suited for every business, Nano combines ease of installation, 99% accuracy and world class analytics with an easy to use mobile app. Power from a USB-C adapter, connect through Wi-Fi, install under 5 minutes and start receiving your data.

V-count Nano Sensor

Nano Features

Retail store

99% Accurate People Counting

Our 3D stereo vision technology, combined with our over decade experience of AI tracking algorithms, enables Nano to achieve up to 99% accuracy in people counting.

Eco Friendly USB-C Charging

Nano includes a USB-C port for easy, eco friendly charging. It operates at 5V, improving sustainability for a greener planet. Nano is the only USB-C charging, true sustainable people counting sensor on the global market.

Eco Friendly USB-C Charging

Incredibly Strong Wi-Fi Connectivity

Nano with its built-in powerful antenna, provides robust Wi-Fi connectivity up to 40 meters, first time in the industry, allowing cost effective access to real-time people counting data anytime, anywhere.

Wi-fi Connectivity

Plug & Play

Nano is a Plug & Play people counter sensor. It’s quick and simple to set up. Just plug in, connect and configure remotely. Install under 5 minutes. We have installation services all around the globe but most of our customers do self-install cause it’s pretty easy. Don’t worry about calibration, we’ll take care of it remotely if necessary.

Nano Staff Exclusion

Robust Staff Exclusion

People Counting with Nano enables you to exclude the staff to help you get the most accurate traffic data in your store. With Nano’s optional Staff Exclusion Solution, you will know the exact number of customers in your store and receive the purest conversion data while measuring customer to staff ratio.

Tiny and Discreet

With its recessed mounting option, Nano is fully invisible in the ceiling. It is also one of the tiniest people counting sensors in the global market.

V-count Nano Sensor Dimentions
V-count Nano Sensor Queue Management

Effective Queue Management

Nano’s Queue Measurement & Management solution can monitor self service desk or cashier queues. Using data derived from BoostBI, you can effectively manage long queues by opening additional cash registers or enhancing your team capacity through optimized staff allocation. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction by reducing instances of cart abandonment, but also ensures that no sales opportunities are missed.

Ultra Wide Field of View

Nano provides an ultra wide coverage with a very high effective counting range and field of view, thus decreasing the number of counters needed and decreasing costs and improving the eco-footprint.

V-count Nano Ultra Field of View
Retail store

Group Counting

Families, friends, or couples, people often visit stores in groups. Counting them as separate individuals can negatively impact your conversion rates and KPIs. Nano people counting sensors can recognize the crowds moving together and count them as one customer.

Night Vision That Works in Total Darkness

Powered by active Infrared lighting and ultra low sensitivity sensors enables Nano to be able to count in total darkness. Nano is the only solution that can deliver this in the global market.

V-count Nano Night Vision
V-count Nano Home Real Time

Real-Time Occupancy

Monitor your business’s venue capacity and occupancy in real-time with V-Count’s mobile BoostBI app (IOS / Android). This solution enables you to precisely track the current number of people in your space instantly. Nano sensor provides accurate data on your venue’s occupancy status, allowing you to manage daily operations more effectively, lower energy costs and make strategic decisions based on real-time information.


Unlike other people counters that require a battery, Nano offers a battery-free solution. Thus, it prevents problems such as replacing the battery after it runs out and data interruption .Instead of manually obtaining the data like in battery solutions, our solution automatically sends the data.

V-count Nano Battery-free
V-count Nano Durability

Excellent Durability

Nano is designed to work for a decade withstanding temperatures between 0°-45°C. It is water-leakage proof and features a splash-proof casing to protect against ceiling leakages.

100% Privacy

Nano is designed to be fully compliant with GDPR. Our technology, which processes 3D depth data to ensure complete anonymity by never capturing personal details. With our patented AI on CHIP technology, data is processed on-device, transmitting only non-identifiable insights.

V-count Sensors privacy

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