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BIP - The Most Comprehensive Platform for Visitor Analytics for All People Counters

Updated: Apr 3

Although AI-powered technology has advanced significantly, this is only the beginning. There will be much more, but unlike what many shops do, these developments shouldn't be viewed as some sort of boogeyman. They are available to support your company and aid in operational optimization based on how customers engage with your business.

One of the most popular technologies used by physical businesses today to comprehend consumer behavior is people counting systems, and for good reason. The hardware component (traffic counting sensors) cannot, however, provide the desired results on its own. All of the visitor information that these sensors gather must eventually be transformed into insightful and useful information. Simply said, regardless of the people counting sensor you use, you need a cutting-edge visitor analytics solution.

regardless of the sensor you use for people counting. Business Intelligence Platform is required (BIP).

In essence, BIP works like Google Analytics but uses traffic counters to get actual visitor information. The cloud-based visitor analytics platform has over 200 KPIs and a variety of features that can assist any physical location increase profits, streamline operations, and reallocate resources.

The only thing the old-school people counters could do, and they did it very poorly, was count people as they entered and left a specific physical place. Several people-counting sensors available today may provide data on visitor demographics, dwell time, foot traffic patterns, and more in addition to simply counting people in and out. But without the necessary information, this data becomes meaningless or ineffective.

Without the appropriate tools, this data becomes useless or ineffective; you get what we're getting at, Business Intelligence Platform.

In order to optimise your operations, the physical space's layout and design, the customer experience through visitor flow, and the success of marketing and promotional efforts, you can utilise BIP to transform visitor data into insightful information about your institution.

Enables all current people-counting sensors:

V-Business count's intelligence

V-Business Count's Intelligence Platform is a great option for companies searching for a sophisticated analytics solution thanks to a range of useful features. All contemporary people counters and any features they might have, such as zone analytics, queue management, demographic analysis, passenger counting, staff exclusion, and others, are supported by BIP.

For instance, let's say you manage a corporation or a chain of businesses and have previously made an investment in people counting technology for your brick and mortar locations. You set up several suppliers' people counting systems. To understand how your stores are functioning, you must move between analytics systems and manually analyse visitor data between different stores. Switching to a single solution provider could be expensive. BIP is the answer to everything.

All of that tedious manual work can be eliminated with BIP, which will also enable your current people counting systems and provide you access to all of your store data on a single, centralised platform.

In addition, BIP may connect directly to your database to give you the visitor information you require if your system doesn't support an API connection. The flawless integration procedure takes no more than 48 hours.

We firmly advise choosing our very own, internally built Ultima Series People Counting Sensors to get the most out of BIP. Without a trustworthy and accurate sensor, all other features can only deliver distorted but somewhat useful people data. V-Count offers the highest accuracy (over 99%) in people counting.

Integration With Outside Products

Our cloud-based, online visitor analytics platform can be combined with various third-party products and tools including marketing automation, POS, and CRM systems.

As a result, your company has a more comprehensive understanding of client interactions and greater flexibility throughout your whole pipeline. Moreover, BIP has a scalable approach that enables it to be expanded or contracted to accommodate establishments of any size.

Collecting Data in Real Time

Realtime occupancy

It's fantastic to have access to total visitor data for your location, but much better to have it in real-time. Real-time population data can help your company conserve resources and allocate them more effectively. Also, you may comply with the health regulations set forth by your government by knowing the maximum occupancy number in real-time.

Also, you may follow the shopper's path and activity in real-time and observe how they engage with physical areas, particular goods, or designated zones. You can rapidly and effectively make data-driven decisions using BIP's real-time visitor data analytics.

Automatic Reporting and Customized Dashboards

Dashboard reports

If you're interested in spending money on investing in people counting for your organisation, BIP stands out as a very adaptable software solution. To quickly and effectively access and evaluate the most important visitor data, you may easily customise dashboards. BIP is a flexible and approachable solution because of its highly adjustable design. You may rearrange things, advance the measurements and KPIs that are important to your company, and create a system that makes it simple to track key performance indicators and spot areas that require development.

BIP has your back if you run or own multiple stores. It allows you to generate reports in any contemporary format, supports many locations, and includes all the essential comparison features. You can start tracking performance across several places and compare it to find out what works and what doesn't. Data from multiple locations might be essential for boosting a store's performance or increasing sales at one that is already appearing to be operating well.

You can quickly get in-depth analyses and individualised reports on foot traffic and other metrics of your choice by using BIP's automatic report production tool. It can deliver different reports to people based on their roles within the firm, which simplifies communication and enables more effective decision-making across the board.

Measurement and Improvement of Marketing Activities

Campaign measurement statistics reports

You may learn more about your consumers and their preferences with the use of current and accurate visitor data. If you want to increase your profits and expand your business, it is essential to comprehend the demands and desires of your customers.

But, your people counting sensors should also have this feature, which must be set in a position where it can recognise faces. BIP offers all the tools required to gather visitor demographics. The same holds true for any features and fixes you come across on BIP. BIP will support you as long as the sensor of your choice is compatible with a solution.

Following that, you may start launching tailored marketing campaigns based on aspects of your consumer profile, such age and gender, to broaden your audience and market particular goods. Also, you can improve these campaigns.These campaigns can be further optimised for increased effectiveness, enabling you to target the correct customer at the ideal time and location.

The ability of BIP to integrate with other solutions is another fantastic advantage. By the identification of high- and low-performing products in your business, you may raise sales and conversion rates. BIP can point you in the proper path to enhance performance throughout the entire firm when used in conjunction with other applications.

You may depend on BIP as a decision-maker to raise your return on investment. Your operations will function more smoothly if you adopt data-driven, factual decision-making. You can determine what is effective for your store and what is not with BIP. You can then maximise your efforts as a result.This will allow you to focus your efforts as needed and greatly enhance ROI while saving you priceless time and resources.

Scheduling Optimization for Employees

V-count store optimizer

Optimizing employee schedules is a crucial component of success in today's cutthroat business climate. The visitor traffic data at your location may be transformed into vital insights by BIP, which can also assist you in deciding when and where your staff members are most needed. The multiple capabilities of BIP can be used to enhance staff scheduling and guarantee there are always enough employees available at peak times. Higher productivity, contented employees, and lower labour expenses are further benefits of an optimised staff schedule.

By analysing foot traffic data, BIP can make your team run like a well-oiled machine and let you modify timetables based on current traffic patterns. Also, you may make use of other capabilities to identify the factors that influence peak and off-peak hours and adjust your labour force as necessary on a weekly basis.Also, you can make use of other capabilities to identify the reasons for the busy and slow times so that you can optimise your labour force on a weekly or monthly basis. Your company will never be over or understaffed if you use BIP and make your decisions on data. You’ll also see a rise in employee morale and customer satisfaction.

has 19 languages available

Our online visitor analytics software offers support in 19 languages to make you feel at home and engaged while offering solid data and insights to assist you in making decisions and improving the performance of your store. This user-friendly software solution is available in the language of your choice.

English, Spanish, French, Danish, Norwegian, Chinese, Persian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Russian, Portuguese, Serbian, and Japanese are just a few of the languages that BIP is available in.Swedish, Thai, Italian, Arabic, and Polish.

The tool you've been waiting for all this time is V-Business Count's Intelligence Platform, which offers customisable reports, access to your traffic statistics, and a thorough insight of your customers' activity. As previously mentioned, BIP performs brilliantly with other people counting sensors but performs best with gear that we have designed ourselves. With it, you can't go wrong.

Contact us right away, and we'll put you in touch with a professional who can demonstrate the benefits of BIP for your company in person.



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