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Cybersecurity that’s always a step ahead

Keep your internet use safe and private and your devices running smoothly with one of our award-winning, easy-to-use security plans.

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Mother and Daughter

The global leader in cybersecurity

Last year’s stats say it all.


Cyber-attacks stopped


Unique malicious URLs blocked


Unique malicious objects neutralized

Why choose Kaspersky?

Complete protection

Each Kaspersky plan uses cutting-edge AI technology to detect and stop any type of online threat – even ones that haven’t been seen before. So every time you connect to the internet, we:

Protect your privacy by blocking unauthorised attempts to access your webcam or track your activity on websites.

Secure your payments in a hacker-proof Protected Browser when you shop or bank online.

Keep intruders out of your network and check websites and emails are safe for you to open.

Keeps devices running smoothly

Our security runs seamlessly in the background, giving you maximum protection while using minimal resources on your device. The Kaspersky Standard, Plus, and Premium plans consistently win top marks for performance in independent reviews. On top of that, you can:

Customize your protection by choosing the components you want to install, and disabling them later if you change your mind.

Schedule antivirus scans to run when you’re not using your computer.

Stays out of your way

Antivirus software has been criticized in recent years for being almost as intrusive as the malware it’s supposed to protect you against. But we do security differently – putting you in control. On a Kaspersky plan, you can:

Choose the notifications (if any) you want to receive from us.

Pause all updates and alerts while you’re working or gaming – using one single setting.

Most Tested. Most Awarded.

Over the last year, Kaspersky products appeared in 75 independent tests – winning 57 first-place awards.

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