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Ultima Prime Sensor

Ultima Prime

Uncover Your Store's Hottest Zones

Gain actionable insights into the hottest spots of your store and make data-driven decisions for store layout. Perform A/B tests for product placement, optimize your prices and marketing strategies, and more with Ultima Prime.

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Magical Insights for Product Placement and Price Optimization

Ultima Prime Dwell Time


The heatmap data generated by the Ultima Prime sensor is the projection of the total dwell times of customers on your store layout. The heatmap represents areas within the store that receive the most and least customer traffic. By analyzing these heatmaps, business owners can gain insights into customer behavior and make data-driven decisions regarding the store layout, product placement, price optimization, and marketing strategies.

Visitor Flow

Visitor Flow data generated by the Ultima Prime sensor is similar to website behavior flow on Google Analytics. Web users land on a page and then navigate to other pages. Similarly, visitors also navigate through other zones after entering your store. Visitor Flow provides you with the most and the least popular paths in your zones. Understanding and managing visitor flow is important for retailers as it can positively impact customer experience, sales, and store operations.

Zone Analytics

Zone Analytics allows retailers to improve their marketing activities, in-store operations, and overall customer experience. Through Ultima Prime, you can discover which zones and products attract the most customers and use this information to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and happiness.

Zone Analytics Visitor Count

Assume that your store is a website and each department or zone is a web page. Counting the total traffic on your website is good, but measuring the traffic of each zone separately is even better and more insightful. Ultima Prime lets you count and analyze visitor traffic in each store department, showing you which zones perform best.

Zone Analytics Dwell Time

Ultima Prime sensors can monitor specific zones, collect data, turn it into meaningful and actionable insights, and show how much time customers spend in specific zones. You can use this data to improve your poorly performing zones and create new data-driven marketing campaigns or discounts.


Unlock The Power of In-Store Data

Up To 99.9% Accuracy

Ultima Prime provides the highest visitor counting and dwell time accuracy on the market.

Prime Sensor

With its cutting-edge fisheye sensor, Ultima Prime can cover large areas to analyze visitor traffic and also provide heatmap and visitor flow solutions. A single Ultima Prime sensor can cover 120 square meters from a height of 4,5 meters.

High Resolution

Ultima Prime features a high base resolution and a unique grid system. This allows you to zoom in and analyze even the smallest sections and see the attraction levels for each grid of your store. Ultima Prime can even record the attraction duration for a specific product or item.

GDPR Compliance & data security

Ultima Prime is designed to comply with GDPR fully; anonymous counting ensures privacy, and no faces or personal data is ever recorded.

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100% Privacy

V-Count Ultima sensors and solutions are designed to be fully compliant with GDPR and privacy issues. We provide anonymous counting, and no faces or personal data are ever recorded.


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