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UGREEN HDMI Round Cable 10m (Yellow/Black) HD101

  • Supports 4K 60Hz quality, audio, and video synchronization and 3D effects. TMDS technology allows for fast and efficient data transfer.
  • Wide compatibility allows you to use the cable with devices such as laptops, consoles, TVs, monitors, or projectors. Customize the working mode to suit your needs: mirror mode allows you to display the contents of your computer's screen on an external screen, and extended mode allows you to expand your workspace with an additional screen.
  • The gold-plated connectors are resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and wear while ensuring stable transmission. The multilayer construction and well-thought-out design guarantee efficient cable use. The highest quality materials are used to build the cable.
  • suitable weight

UGREEN HDMI Round Cable 10m Yellow and Black HD101


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