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Simplex Addressable Smoke Detector

TrueAlarm photoelectric sensors use a stable, pulsed LED light source and a silicon photodiode receiver to deliver consistent and accurate low power smoke sensing. Three user selectable sensitivities for special applications are available for each individual sensor, 0.2%, 0.5%, and 1% per foot. Standard sensitivity is 1.25% to 3.1% per foot. The fire alarm control panel runs an algorithm that can vary the sensitivity for normal applications between 1.25% and 3.1% per foot.

Note: Fixed sensitivity settings higher than 1.0% per foot are not UL268 7th Edition compliant.

The sensor head design provides 360° smoke entry for optimum response to smoke from any direction. Due to its photoelectric operation, air velocity is not normally a factor, except for impact on area smoke flow.



  • Sealed against rear air flow entry
  • Interchangeable mounting
  • EMI/RFI shielded electronics
  • Photoelectric technology sensing
  • 360° smoke entry for optimum response
  • Built-in insect screens



Weight: 0.20 lbs


Dimensions: 4.875 × 4.875 × 2.125 in


Manufacturer: Johnson Controls


Brand: Simplex


Type: Detector


Style: Plug-In


Detectable Medium: Smoke


Detection Method: Photoelectric


Program: Set via Base


Protocol: IDNet, MAPNET II


Voltage: 24 VDC


Voltage Range: 18 – 32 VDC

Simplex Addressable Smoke Detector

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