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MF666 Dell 3.5inch Hot Swap SAS Sata Hard Drive Tray Sled Refurbished

The MF666 Dell 3.5 inch Hot Swap SAS Sata Hard Drive Tray Sled Caddy is a device that is used in Poweredge and Powervault servers. It allows users to easily swap out hard drives without having to shut down the server. The caddy has a 3.5 inch form factor and is compatible with both SAS and SATA hard drives. This device provides a convenient and quick solution for replacing failed or outdated hard drives in a server environment. It also helps to minimize downtime, as users can perform a hard drive swap while the server is still running. The hot swap feature ensures that the server remains operational even during the process of replacing the hard drive. This device is an essential component for ensuring the smooth functioning of server systems.

Installation process

The installation process of the MF666 Dell 3.5-inch Hot Swap SAS/SATA Hard Drive Tray Sled Caddy is relatively simple and straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Gather the necessary tools: You will need a Phillips head screwdriver and an anti-static wrist strap.
  • Prepare the server: Power off the server and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Disconnect all cables and peripherals.
  • Open the server: Locate the drive bay where you want to install the tray sled. Open the server and locate the empty drive bay.
  • Remove the drive bay cover: Some servers have a cover that must be removed to access the drive bay. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the cover in place.
  • Install the tray sled: Locate the connectors on the tray sled and insert them into the corresponding connectors in the drive bay.
  • Secure the tray sled: Use the screws that were removed from the drive bay cover to secure the tray sled to the server.
  • Insert the hard drive: Slide the hard drive into the tray sled and connect the SATA or SAS cables to the hard drive.
  • Close the server: Close the server and replace the screws that were removed from the cover.
  • Power on the server: Connect the server to the electrical outlet and power it on. The server should recognize the new hard drive.

Note: Before you start the installation process, it is important to make sure that you have the correct type of tray sled for your server. Some servers require a specific type of tray sled.

Advantages of using Hot Swap Tray

  • Ease of maintenance: The hot swap tray makes it easy to replace a failed hard drive without having to shut down the entire server. This saves time and reduces downtime, increasing productivity.
  • Reduces complexity: The hot swap tray simplifies the process of adding or replacing a hard drive by removing the need for complex cabling and interconnects.
  • Increases reliability: By removing the need for complex cabling, the hot swap tray reduces the chances of cable failure and improves overall reliability of the server.
  • Scalability: The hot swap tray makes it easy to add or replace hard drives as your storage requirements change, making the server more scalable and flexible.
  • Improved performance: With a hot swap tray, the server can quickly recognize and utilize a newly added hard drive, leading to improved performance and faster data access.
  • Cost-effective: The hot swap tray eliminates the need for complex hardware, reducing the cost of maintaining and upgrading the server.

MF666 Dell 3.5inch Hard Disk Rack For Hold Hard Disks For Server Or Storage

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  • This rack is compatable with 3.5inch HDDs only