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Addressable IDNet Communications Isolator

4090-9116 Addressable IDNet Communications Isolators provide IDNet communications isolation to improve installation convenience and increase system integrity. Isolation is automatically activated when an output short circuit is detected and isolation can also be selected manually from the control panel to assist with troubleshooting wiring problems. Isolators power-up in isolation mode and are directed to connect by the control panel. If the output wiring is acceptable, the isolator will connect to the rest of the circuit. If the output wiring is shorted, the isolator remains isolated. The isolator reports back to the panel when it is in isolation mode and the extent of shorted wiring is reported back to the panel by identifying device addresses that are not communicating. [Isolators are assigned sequentially to low number addresses to expedite SLC power-up.] During installation, earth faults frequently occur. Finding these faults normally requires extensive wiring disconnection. With the 4090-9116 Addressable IDNet Isolator, earth faults on the IDNet communications lines can be quickly located to assist in their repair and to restore the system wiring to normal.



Weight: 0.2 lbs


Brand: Simplex

Fault Isolation Module

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