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China ISE-CBL2166-6 Bell

The product is a fire alarm, a fire alarm device, generally used for more staff in public areas. In the event of an emergency situation, it is controlled by the alarm controller to trigger an alarm, one for each region under normal circumstances, to be used for fire alarms, good warning sound effects.

Fire alarm internally with a 24V DC motor driven by crankshaft and connected rod bells, no relays work, work current, high reliability.

Fire alarm for supporting specific products and linkage fire alarm systems when the system recognizes a fire broke out by linkage control equipment to the scene.



  • Appearance and firm structure.
  • Easy to install, the typical American installation.
  • Has low power consumption, large volume, ring-tones crisp, continuous work extremely long life characteristics;
  • Perfectly configured into a variety of alarm systems.

China ISE-CBL2166-6 Bell


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