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The Benefits of Stopping by V-Booth Count's at EuroShop 2023

Returning to in-person events after a protracted pandemic absence is now more crucial than ever if you work in the retail industry. One such event is EuroShop, where company decision-makers and industry leaders can engage, network, and gain from the knowledge of the retail industry as a whole. They can also learn about new technology to help their companies grow.

The biggest retail trade show in Europe, called EuroShop, is held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since its founding in 1966, EuroShop has developed into a top platform for the retail sector, connecting merchants, industry experts in the hospitality industry, and service suppliers from across the world. The expo showcases the most recent innovations in products, services, and trends in a variety of industries, including visual merchandising, lighting, shop fitting systems, digital engagement, and store design and equipment.

As V-Count, we constantly put forth a lot of effort to create cutting-edge technologies that can meet the demands of both stores and other real-world businesses like gyms, museums, hospitals, and schools. We had a very successful 2022, and we had a solid start to 2023 as well. We strengthened our position as the industry leader in the people counting space by developing our online visitor analytics solution further and introducing a number of new technologies. We can't wait to show you all the new delights we've produced in person and in action.

Without further ado, let's go through what you can expect at the V-Count booth at EuroShop 2023 (#5C15) and why you should stop by to meet our key team members.

The Knowledgeable V-Count Team

Are you prepared to invest in customer intelligence to advance your retail company? Thereafter, stop by booth #5C15 to chat with our CEO Demirhan Büyüközcü, Europe Sales Manager ris Ceylan Roman, and Regional Sales Manager reşat Bako. Our experts are more than willing to demonstrate how visitor analytics may improve your business operations. We believe EuroShop is the ideal platform to understand and appreciate the significance of customer analytics.

Discover the benefits of our visitor analytics platform, the strength of the Ultima Series people counting sensors, and how people counting solutions can advance your company in every way. Understand the consumer experience, maximise store layouts, and utilise all of this information to improve shop performance. Activate the power of customer analytics now!

Ultima Series People Counting Sensors Live Demo

Come and test the most up-to-date, highly accurate (over 99%), and people counting sensors for yourself. Our Ultima Series traffic counters and some of the most well-liked products we now provide will be on display at EuroShop 2023.

The most accurate zone analytics and demographic analyses are also provided by Ultima Sensors. If you want to convert those visits into consumers, preferably long-term committed customers, you must understand what they want and meet their needs. Our employee counters have a fantastic ROI.

We can also discuss examples of how V-visitor Count's analytics technology has helped our partners succeed. The online analytics platform from V-Count offers more than 200 solutions and KPIs, essentially covering all the bases and business kinds. Choose the answers you require, and if it's feasible, we'll let you test them right away. You'll get to experience first-hand how these solutions may support your company in achieving its goals.

You may learn more about our traffic sensors' simplicity of use and installation. The same is true of our internally developed, cloud-powered internet platform.

How We Adhere To The GDPR

V-Count is entirely lawful and conforms with the criteria of the GDPR and other laws. Our technology is built to safeguard private information and defend people's privacy. Even if you use our demographic analysis solution, none of the facial or personal data captured by our people counting devices is ever saved. Your privacy is important.

Any gathered facial recognition data is immediately and permanently erased. Also, all data is constantly encrypted utilising the most recent security protocols. Because our solutions are cloud-powered, We can keep you in compliance with your government's rules by remotely updating your hardware (don't worry, we give you explicit alerts for each important update, nothing happens without your knowledge).

The information about your business is also not disclosed to any other party. With your consent, we might use information about your location to improve our services. At V-Count, we employ cutting-edge technologies to maintain the security of personal data. Even in the event of a breach, personal data is actively wiped, meaning there wouldn't be any information for them to uncover or cause trouble for your company.

Why V-Count Is Eco-Friendly

As a technological company, we take every precaution to minimise our carbon footprint. Even our goods,Even the way we deliver our products reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability. Containers made of recyclable materials are used to convey sensors.

We leverage the cloud for our digital solutions, which is a far better option than conventional, on-premises solutions. Moreover, Ultima Sensors are made to be reprogrammable, low-power, and maintenance-free. Compared to the majority of other options on the market, these characteristics make them more durable and enable longer-term use.

Additionally, our technologies and solutions give you the visitor information you need to cut down on waste and resource usage, enabling you to consume less energy at your facilities, boost efficiency, and adopt a more sustainable business model. With the precise visitor data our sensors provide, you may reallocate resources and optimise your operations with more knowledge.

Heatmaps and Zone Analytics, the newest technologies in action

Because we strive for perfection, even in the most trying situations or when there is no light, we always give the highest people counting accuracy. We constantly pay attention to input from our partners. For this reason, we've been working diligently to create a zone analytics solution and a heatmap KPI.

See in action how zone analytics and heatmaps may improve the performance of physical stores by stopping by our EuroShopp booth (#5C15). Visual insights may improve the way you create your marketing campaigns and promotions by helping you understand how people navigate a store and engage with products and services.

Decision-makers can optimise store layout for customer convenience using zone analytics, which reveal which parts of a store or site see the highest foot traffic. Heatmaps can be used to allocate promotional budgets, identify personnel needs, and assess which products or services clients are most interested in.

To find dead zones or regions where customers spend little time, owners and managers can also use zone analytics and heatmaps. Afterwards, you can use your research to optimise space usage for greater client satisfaction.

Do You Need Visitor Analytics For Your Business?

Any brick-and-mortar company that wishes to thrive in today's fiercely competitive retail sector must have visitor data. People counting technologies provide decision-makers with useful insights into their target market, assisting them in understanding and forecasting consumer behaviour and supplying information that may be used to make decisions regarding promotions, hiring, staffing, store layout, and other matters.