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Staff Exclusion Solution

In order to give you the precise visitor conversion rate, V-Count's staff exclusion technology anonymously detects staff traffic and eliminates them from visitor traffic. Our people counting solution has a feature called Staff Exclusion that enables visitor and staff traffic to be counted using a single sensor.

Our online visitor analytics platform, Business Intelligence Platform, uses this technology to aggregate staff visits on the reporting pages. The most accurate people counting statistics for your physical locations can be provided by simply excluding staff data with one click from the total visitor traffic. However, you may easily include staff traffic to your overall visitor data or evaluate each independently. Excluding staff data will allow you to get the genuine conversion rate. 

How Does Staff Exclusion Work

The staff exclusion feature of V-Count uses IR (infrared) technology and is totally GDPR compliant, so no face or personal information is ever saved. Installing an Ultima Series traffic counting sensor top-down is all that is required. Additionally, each member of your staff must wear a tag around their shoulder. Our sensors pick up on these special-material tags to identify the staff member in an anonymous manner and exclude them from counts.

The add-on will assist you in gathering the most precise people counting data you could hope for and works in tandem with practically all other V-Count solutions and KPIs. The nice thing is that Ultima Series counters may exclude workers while still running normally, so you don't need to buy another sensor. All you need is one of our provided wearable tags (one tag per employee). The tags have magnets that make it simple and secure to affix them to any outfit.

Remember that the sensors must be positioned in accordance with our recommendations and the tags must be completely visible for absolute accuracy. The suggested mounting height for Ultima Series sensors for staff exclusion is between 2.8 m and 5 m. The effectiveness of the staff exclusion option may be hampered by installing the device higher or lower.

What Is Special About V-Count Staff Exclusion?


What distinguishes V-Count is its unrivalled and unsurpassed accuracy. Despite the fact that we offer a wide range of business-specific solutions, add-ons, and KPIs, our expertise lies in accurate people counting, which is what we do best. The hardware and software used by the Ultima sensors from V-Count are both house-developed by our engineers and utilise 3D Active Stereo Vision technology. 

V-Count is able to deliver 99% people counting accuracy via its state-of-the-art 3D Active Stereo Vision technology, it can count people accurately even in pitch black when there are no light sources. Ultima sensors can also spot groups and individuals and count them both as a group and separate people, allowing you to generate reports that suit your company’s needs.

In a nutshell, your traffic counter must be able to deliver nearly perfect accuracy in counting visitors in and out of your stores before offering staff exclusion as an add-on. The whole point of having this feature is to eliminate distorted data and ensure you’re making business decisions based on facts rather than guesses or estimates. V-Count combines 99% accuracy with a good deal of side features to ensure it offers the most precise people counters and stays on top of the market.

Being a trendsetter in the people and traffic counting industry, V-Count uses the cloud to provide the ultimate service to its customers. This also allows us to offer accurate real-time people counting and help you follow the health guidelines or generate time-specific reports, even down to an hourly basis.

On top of all that, we also offer demographic analysis as well as zone analytics solutions to ensure you understand who your customers are, what they want, and what their customer journey is like throughout your locations.


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