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People Counting

People Counting

Actionable Data For Smarter Decisions

We offer a world-class people counting solution. With our state of the art people counter and powerful e-commerce style analytics platform, we enable your business to analyze foot traffic, make data-driven decisions, and increase revenues.

What Are People Counter Sensors?

Track Real-Time Visitor Traffic

For businesses like shopping centers, retail chains, museums, restaurants, etc., gathering and analyzing customer traffic data can create value in terms of revenue and business efficiency and generate crucial insights that drive sales, improve conversion rates, and make informed marketing and spending decisions.

Our people counting sensor Ultima AI is engineered with a unique modern design to deliver unmatched accuracy and ensure privacy. Every aspect is designed with attention to detail to provide the most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective person counting solution that the market has to offer.

Clothing Store

Benefits of People Counting Software

Unlock The Power of In-Store Data

benefits get real time

Get Real-Time Accurate Data

Obtain powerful insights by counting the number of people entering, exiting, and passing by your store in real-time anonymously and accurately. Automatically exclude staff members from the count to get true traffic measurement.

benefits increase conversion

Increase Conversion Rates

Gain insights into your shopper base and performance to boost your conversion rates and increase profits.

benefits manage occupancy

Manage Occupancy Capacity

Keep track of your occupancy capacity limits across all locations in real-time. Easily communicate safety recommendations and waiting times to your customers on digital screens or through your Apps to comply with social distancing regulations.

benefits improve marketing

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Measure the true impact of marketing campaigns and allocate your budget based on location-based performance.

benefits optimize resource

Optimize Resource Allocation

Utilize the data to forecast traffic trends, peak hours, and staffing levels. Optimize operations by aligning staff and customer-to-staff ratio to traffic power hours.

benefits enhance business

Enhance Business Growth

Cut down costs, make data-based decisions, and determine growth strategies based on the performances of your locations.

benefits privacy

Privacy and GDPR

V-Count’s people counting sensor Ultima AI is fully compliant with GDPR, privacy is assured with anonymous counting, and no faces or personal data is ever recorded.


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